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您可以隨時選擇或更改付款方式。為此,請按一下此處。請務必按照每個步驟進行操作,以確保您的付款方式和稅務資訊已與我們一起保存。 **請注意:“付款”部分中的名稱必須與“連絡人詳細資訊”部分中輸入的受款人或公司的名稱相匹配(在發佈中心的“帳戶–>付款設定”下的“第1和第2節”)。 [US] How do I set my payment method?

How do I set my payment method?

You can select or change your payment method at any time. To do so, click here. Make sure to follow through with each step to ensure that your payment method and tax information has been saved with us. ** Please note: the name in the payments section must match the name of the payee or the company entered on the contact details section (sections 1 and 2 under account –> payment setting in the publisher center).


當然!只要你的朋友在注册Infolinks時點擊你唯一的推薦連結,他們就可以使用任何電子郵件注册他們的新帳戶,你就可以獲得該推薦的全額積分,並在12個月內賺取他們收入的10%! [US] If my friend signs up with a different email address than the one I used for the referral, will I still get credit?