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Convert EUR balance to USD

Hello. Is there any way to transfer EUR balance to USD? Im not showing option to order EUR card. Can anyone help? Thnx Hello there. Funds that are in a currency balance can either be withdrawn to a local bank account or used on a card with matching currency. Transferring funds from one currency balance to a different currency balance or a card of a different currency is not supported. If you require a Euro card and are not seeing the option to order one, you can always contact Payoneer Customer Care to look into this with you.

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[US] Use Free Website Submitter to register CitySky Wallpapers Download: Chan Nim Kuan

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Think Tank: Cross-border Payment Technology Creates Global Opportunities

Richard Gilbert is director, SME partnerships and business development, North America, at Payoneer. By Richard Gilbert on December 29, 2016 Selling internationally is becoming easier and more accessible with the advancement of technology. Mobile and social, payment solutions and online platforms have reduced the friction that typically came with cross-border e-commerce in the past. Global Trade Growth Powered by E-commerce and Small Business In fact, according to the World Trade Organization, e-commerce and international selling have become “democratized,” allowing enterprising small and medium businesses to explore new markets for growth. The development of e-commerce has expanded export opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises and given them global presence once reserved for large multinational firms. These businesses are turning into “micro-multinationals.” They go beyond their local consumers and are able to reach a new and diverse customer base, and compete